HailWildcats,com is a network of passionate alumni, students and friends of the Great Bethune-Cookman University. This forum is a gathering place for the BCU faithful and is intended to provide Wildcat supporters with a platform through which we can network, keep informed, and stay involved.  We are glad that you visited.  We encourage you to come back often and let us know what’s on your mind.

Additionally, since the Fall of 2013, HailWildcats.com has traveled to virtually all Bethune-Cookman Football games both home and away. This includes trips to Lincoln, Nebraska; Denton, Texas; Conway, South Carolina; Dover, Delaware; Grambling, Louisiana; etc.

Let’s GO Wildcats, formerly known as On the Prowl, is the travel arm of HailWildcat.com. Let’s GO Wildcats is a reliable way to travel and support The Fighting Wildcats no matter where they play.

Since we travel so frequently, it is our intention to provide you with the most cost efficient; yet enjoyable way to support the BCU Football team on the road.

We encourage you to check out our trips at Let’s GO Wildcats!

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Fellow, MEACfans, yall need some female perspective up in here, so here I be. Nice site, all we need now is more categories. Hook us up Jerry. How about a band category for starters. I know you’re working on it. Let’s Go Wildcats.

    Oh yeah and rumor has it that the SC State game will be played on a THURSDAY NIGHT! TV perhaps? Anybody heard.

      • Another blackout??? I’m ok with that just as long as they leave the lights on this time.

        Initially I thought “I hope not” but in retrospect, we drew over 8,000 in last years Thursday night contest vs a bad NC A&T team. A Thursday night game matching up potentially the two best teams in the conference could be a sell-out if marketed properly and last year’s Thursday night game is any indication of the community’s response to such marketing.

        I guess we’ll see!

    • Hey 4BCC; welcome to the board. You know we always want to hear what you have to say. You’re good people (kiss on the cheek).

      3 quick things:

      1. It is always nice to have a woman’s perspective.
      2. The next time you speak with Deb (Alpha71) tell her to get her butt over here where she belongs.
      3. More pages and categories will be added. The board is still in its infancy. 😉

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