9 thoughts on “New BCU Logo???

  1. I like the logo that had BCU inside the football from last year. Looks a little juvenille, the old logo looked a little more professional.

  2. So where are we so far with the logo change? Are they considering changing it? I do agree that the above logo might be a little too busy. Maybe just leave the “BCU” off and keep the wildcat?

  3. I haven’t heard anything about a logo change. Probably too costly. I would think it would take a big outpouring from Alumni to make a change, but since we don’t have much say so on anything……………well there’s your answer. 😦

  4. I am satified with the current logo. Honestly I would enhance the current logo with the original colors of a live wildcat and the football team’s logo is perfect. This logo is nice but is something suited for a HS. No offense at all since it is a great sketch.

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